Imagine picking up your grocery order the way you get your cash...


Myrmex is launching an innovative fully unmanned grocery delivery system leveraging the power of mobile robotic units. Myrmex CPS is uniquely capable to deliver an online order just a few seconds after the customer arrives at the pick-up point.

Enhance profitability in Click & Collect

  • Fully Unmanned Operation

    The unit operates 24X7 at zero labor cost. No restrictions on operating hours due to labour law.
  • Leverage Replenishment Process By 20X

    Each online order is put into a plastic box which is then placed on a wire frame (pod) with a capacity of 20 boxes. Due to batch handling of orders by using these wire frames the’ replenishment process ends up to be approximately 20 times faster.
  • Reduce Needed Footprint By 2.5X

    The system’s stowage factor is on an average 2.5 times higher than the current layouts for click & collect available in the market. It is also possible to expand the system vertically by adding a mezzanine level.
  • Return Process Becomes A Pleasant Game

    The return process is perceived as one of the most challenging steps in a supply chain. By using Myrmex CPS, the customer can return an item in a simple and hassle-free manner, similar to depositing money at an ATM. Compared to competitive systems currently in the market, Myrmex CPS keeps the handling cost of product returns on the other hand significantly low for the retailer.
  • Easy Reallocation Of The Units

    The prefabricated housing can be dismantled, transported and reassembled within a day or two. Αll robotic gear (mobile robot units plus miniload box handling) can be moved equally easy.

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Pay In Cash As Well

    Customers have also the option to pay in cash at the pick-up point.
  • Online Customers Prefer Click & Collect

    More than 50 percent of the online grocery shoppers (young families with children, working people with irregular schedule) are reluctant to choose home delivery because of the challenges in meeting the timeslot deliveries. Click & collect option is preferable over home delivery due to the convenience that is an inherent characteristic in terms of personal time management while the extra cost associated with the home delivery adds to choosing the first over the latter.
  • Fresh And Frozen At Their Best

    The unit is equipped with individual temperature controlled rooms: for both chilled and frozen goods as per HASP specs.
  • Pickup An Order In Seconds

    It takes less than a minute for the customer to receive their order at the pick-up point.
  • Minimise Errors

    Due to its fully unmanned operation this is an error-free system. Avoiding errors increases customers loyalty.
  • Multiple Pickup Spots Options

    With a well designed delivery unit network, customers can choose to collect their order from a location that best suits their daily schedule.


The Myrmex Solution can handle the Totes (Bins), right after Order Picking, as shown in this concept animation
Watch video here


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